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i'm pedro garcia live on campus.... students who rely on the elevator in hugh gillis hall, encountered a problem this week. i'm pedro garcia. san jose state participates in a plan s >> san jose state parts in a plan to create an aids-free generation. >> a popular hangout on 1st street is being forced to move out of downtown. we'll have the story.
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hello and welcome to update news... im lexy nuno. welcome to update news. >> thank you for joining us. >> san jose state police are investigating the theft of cellphones and cash from the men's basketball team. it all happened on tuesday in the team's locker room at the event center. nearly $1,000 in cash was taken from 9 different ball players while at practice. police say leaving items unattended is the main reason students lose their property on campus. >> it's probably our no. 1 crime problem on university property. someone sets down their backpack or laptop or some other piece of reasonably valuable property, and they walk away to get a cup of coffee or pick up some lunch and when they come back it's gone. >> he advises everyone to lock up their property when they're not present. the locker room was unlocked at the time of the
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theft. in another area of local crime, the city of san jose now has its highest homicide rate in 25 years. no. 43 occurred one week ago. here on campus university the police department believe students have nothing to worry about. >> most of the incidents that the city is dealing with have to do areas of the city that aren't determine connected to the university. >> sergeant john law says this does not mean that danger does not exist in the streets of san jose. >> a lot of the violent crime that our university students might hear about in this area has to do with the street level drug dealing that goes on in a couple of the neighborhoods near us. >> he credits the university's patrol system for campus safety. >> as long as university police officers are out there patrolling and addressing the problems of the street level drug dealing then it reduces the amount of crime that we see
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on campus, violent and nonviolent. >> assaults and homicides have gone down compared to last year. robberies burglaries and thefts have gone up. ryan is worried. >> there's a lot of dark spot, there's some lights that we have around here, but it just covers a really small section. we could use a lot of several lights to help provide more safety. >> upd is constantly monitoring campus activities to see if crime will spike. >> crime tends to be cyclical when one crime goes down, another goes up. we're constantly looking at trends and trying to address them as we see them. >> some students say they don't feel at risk on campus. >> there's a lot of campus police around. a lot of friendly students around. they'll help you out if you're in any danger. >> i feel relatively safe, yes. >> according to a csu study of
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15 state campuses, san jose state has the second highest incidence of violent crime. most students at san jose state don't rely on elevators to get to classes. pedro garcia is live on campus with this story. >> reporter: an elevator broke down this week. it's not a big story, but it's vital to disabled students. >> reporter: anthony nguyen has cerebral palsy. at one time, he needed elevators to get to classes. this week, an elevator in hugh gillis hall broke down... >> reporter: this week an elevator broke down, and it remained closed for two days.
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a wheelchair-bound student notified. >> what happened was that facilities development and operations actually hired new operation to come and do the repair. and because they were new, the people, they didn't know how the classes function around here, and they just showed up, shut down the elevator to work and repair it. >> reporter: it's an issue disabled students can face every day. >> now the people who are repairing the elevators have learned how to work with the university whether they're working with an individual building or an entity to make sure the scheduling working with the needs of the campus. >> reporter: for anthony, this highlights the new for the drc. >> i don't have the --
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>> reporter: the drc says it will try to communicate with a facility development operations, the urgency of fixing equipment faster for disabled students. the world of the afghanistan drug trade told her story on campus this week. one woman's firsthand experience witnessing the world of the afghanistan drug trade told her story on campus this week. author of the book "opium nation" talks about drug lords and one woman's journey to afghanistan. >> i think it's important to know about afghanistan because afghanistan and the united states are now a part of each other's history. and i think every american needs to know who afghans are, what they do. we have the largest afghan community in the bay area. >> her book is about women involved in the drug trade in afghanistan and how they are victims and beneficiaries of the system. world aids day was
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commemorated this reaction. >> there was a silent march for hiv/aids on early friday morning. parts received free testing and advice about the deadly disease. secretary of state hillary clinton has an ambitious plan called generation 2014. to ensure that no babies will be born with hiv that year. >> i've had three children before. and i lost all three children to hiv. >> this video is by the red organization dedicated to aids-free generations. the group hoped to make generation 2015 a year no babies will be born with hiv. >> compared to the past, there's a lot of progress as far as reducing the amount of mother to child transmission of hiv. so that's definitely a big possibility. now it's just a
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matter of whether those -- that mother has access to the medication or not. >> currently there are 900 babies a day born with the hiv virus. about 390,000 babies around the world a year. many of them come from africa. >> a lot of organizations such as red and other organizations who make it more accessible for people to have education. >> getting tested regularly also using condoms every day you engage in sexual activity. and having open communication with your sexual partner or partners. >> the health center offers hiv testing every day by oral swab or blood test. it costs $14. back to you guy s. finals are around the corner. we'll tell you how students are preparing. >> the salvation army has a
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special holiday gift for the homeless. first we'll hear about what students have planned for winter break. we're throwing a concert here on campus called the triple ho show." "i am unfortunately going to be working." >> basically spend time with family and friends and work. we're throwing a concert here on campus. >> i am unfortunately going to be working. >> i'm going to be on vacation, having fun! snowboarding. >> chilling at home working and that's pretty much it. >> probably just going to go home and chill with my family. and work also. >> over winter break i'm going to be working. but i also hope to be able to get up to lake tahoe to try to snowboard. i'm actually graduating this semester. so i'm going to be looking for my full-time job.
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finals start next week and e o >> finals start next week, and it's usually one of the most stressful weeks of the year for many students. >> finals start next week. and it's that time of the year when students stress out about how they are going to get all of their work done. >> getting all the information together for each class i feel like it's -- teachers provide you with a study guide. you don't have to stress as hard because you know the material that's going to be on the test. >> hitting the library and putting in long study sessions are not uncommon. an increasing number of students have started taking drugs like adderall to stay focused. some believe that preparing and having a plan is the best way to go. >> preparation is the hardest part of finals. making sure you're ready to go for each test. that's the toughest part. >> other students like taylor become hermits. >> i just try to stay isolated
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and friends and boyfriend and all that stuff try to stay in the library and lock myself in my room so i can get stuff done. and time management. got to plan things out prior to going all out. >> reporter: the martin luther king library on campus is trying to help students. >> we do what we can to help them be successful. we're looking for new services. the ipad are a new service of the we've taken down some of our stacks and have more tables. and we want to create places for them to feel comfortable and for them to feel successful. >> reporter: during finals week the library will be open 24 hours a day and to midnight on weekends. the ongoing campaign to remake downtown san jose into a city where people want to live has claimed another small business. it's the popular art boutique a venue for live
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music. >> reporter: in san jose on the corner of 1st and reed, slg publishing's art boutiquey has been a popular hangout for a decade. soon it will be gone. >> it was suggested if your not looking for a place already you should be looking for one now. >> reporter: there are tentative plans to tear down the building that houses the comic book store. tell be torn down to make room for a new apartment complex. >> i have mixed feelings about it. on the one hand, the building itself is kind of a dump. but it's my dump! and i'm really happy with the things that we did. >> the city officials say they have not seen another proposal yet. but they say more housing is important for growing the downtown area. >> the reality is that
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downtowns are vertical, not horizontal. and there's an awful lot of that 1 and two-story development, it's frankly tends to be falling apart. >> reporter: in order to keep the live music aspect of his shop in a new location, there are things to consider. >> we're going to have to do some upgrades and things like that, like we did here, in order to accommodate live music. >> reporter: one thing is for sure. if art boutiquey ends up leaving, it will be missed. >> i'd hate to see it leave downtown. the military bowl is great for san jose state football but many question if it will help the school academically. many question if state football will help the school academically. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: san jose state may be ranked no. 24 in bcs but
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academically it's far from the top. administrators are planning to cut many classes in the spring. >> it's awesome that the football team is doing well this year. 10-2 it's awesome it's giving the school recognition and name value in the bay area to bring kids and other football recruits. but on the other hand, it does suck for a lot of cutbacks, classes are being cut. >> we're supposed to be praisod academics, get -- praised on academics, get a college degree as pootzed to a heisman -- opposed to a heisman. i feel you need to value academics more. >> reporter: the opportunities athletics could provide are tremendous they say. >> we know from past history that donors who walk in as showing interest in athletics will come onto the main campus
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as well and give here too. so our largest donors came to us that way. >> reporter: it's important to know that academics and athletic revenues do not mix. >> it's important to keep in mind that we don't take money out of the classroom and put it into athletics. i know it's hard to understand until you take that first accounting class. but the way big organizations work, there are separate accounts for separate needs. upon so the vast proportion of your tuition money is going straight back into the classroom. or things needed for the classroom. the vast majority of the athletics budget comes from revenue raised through tickets parking and also through private giving. >> reporter: playing in the military bowl includes a $1 million payout to the conference. but the san jose football team won't be receiving any of that money as a penalty for leaving the conference.
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what's going on? >> well, i'm going to be getting artsy. but first, a holiday tradition. the season of giving is here, and while you can give to the salvation army year-round a busy holiday city at the downtown location. >> reporter: it's time for students to head home to their families. for those at the salvation army, the season means it's time to go to work. the annual bell-ringing program gives san jose's homeless a chance to work and to eat a meal and sleep in the shelter. >> it's amazing. the door's open. whoever's willing to put out the effort to change their live, this place is it. >> reporter: in santa clara county director richard larson says volunteers are taking full advantage of christmas kettle jobs and working hard. >> they seem to have more
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excitement about them. they're enjoying what they're doing. they're giving back to the community. >> reporter: the shelter is also gearing up to feed some 1,700 families during the holiday season. anyone in the community can take advantage. the services here the emanuel house. they provide two meals a day, and up to two weeks of free living. volunteer workers have a guaranteed place to sleep at the shelter. >> we have families, women men from all walks of life coming through this place to eat lunch and dinner with us. >> reporter: they're on their way to the goal of earning $200,000. advanced photography students got a chance to showcase their work on campus earlier this week. the image and idea event is held every semester. the artist used pins to create an image of the american flag. they are free to
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be as creative as they want to be with their theme. >> mine's about my friends, who got kicked out and what not. i decided to photograph his feelings you know. and there's other stories behind these other artists too. and it's just interesting to see how they're interpreted through photography and lightning and color. all the elements of art. >> the students will keep their artwork for their portfolios. students found a shores to do christmas shopping this week. the sale happens every year right after thanksgiving. >> we've got a lot of great work by a lot of great artists here at the school. and it's a great chance for students and faculty to come out and see what we're doing. >> the proceeds from the sale not only go back to the students about you also to the program. the profits help bring in visiting artists and fund
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renovations to the department. still ahead we'll tell you why some sharks fans are starting to get money back for their season that never was. >> and the spartan football team reacts to being nationally ranked for the first bowl game since 2006. "a n got to be anthropology. too much mez risation memorization. >> arts 13, there's two projects due wednesday. and i haven't started yet. >> chem final 30a. my midterm was all short answer, and each one is 15 points each. so it doesn't make it easy if you're not sure what you're doing. >> i don't have any hard finals this semester. i have two because one is online, and my
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hospitality class which is so easy. we're just going to have a pot-luck. so the hardest final is probably weather and climate. >> the hardest one would be because it's at 7:00 am. >> i haven't been paying attention to the notes so -- tori green now joins us for sports, and those spartan football players continue climbimg up the b-c-s ranks! thats right elliot! the spartans are now ranked 24 in the o they're ranked 24 in the bcs, and with a win in the nation's capitol it could make it historic for sjsu. the spart apps are taking in some light practice as they get ready to go their first bowl game in many years. >> the spartans didn't have to wait until december 2nd like
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most schools. they found out november 30th that the school accepted an invitation to play in the military bowl. the coach was excited to learn that he and the spartans would travel to the east coast in a match-up against the bowling green state university falcons from ohio. they are 8-4 in the mid-american conference. >> excited for our team, our program, our school. it's exciting. we get to play at rfk stadium where the old hogs used to play. and it's going to be a lot of fun. >> reporter: the team is thrilled about attending its first bowl game since 2006 when they beat new mexico state in the new mexico bowl. >> i was pumped, man. i've heard about the military bowl. i know it's a great bowl. pretty fired up to represent san jose state back there. >> reporter: many spartan fans will be able to make it to washington dc in person.
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some say they'll definitely watch it on tv. >> i will definitely be watching from home. but i will record it because i just can't afford to go to washington dc at this moment. >> reporter: earlier in the season, the spartans visited the east coast when they beat navy 12-3. this team around, the spartans will take in more of the sights of historic washington dc and enjoy the last time they'll be together for the season. >> we get to go through all these challenges together, victories and everything, so i think there's going to be some activities, touring and sightseeing and stuff like that. but on top of all of it, it's just going to be the last time for this group, these guys to be together. that'll be fun. >> the team hopes to have its first 10-plus winning season ever in spartan history with a victory over the falcons. the nhl recently canceled more games through december 14th to the all-star game. and for san jose sharks season ticket holders, it means a little extra cash in their pocket.
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the sharks were forced to send refund checks to ticket holders who already paid the full price. and the sharks have only given up refunds on a month-to-month base it is. 16 spartans have been named all western conference honors. they received offensive players honors. travis johnson was named defensive player of the year. johnson said he is happy for his teammates and not just himself. tons of our starters on the first team all wac and so it just kind of put everything together in the end."" ♪ [ inaudible ] ♪ ♪ >> johnson has been nursing a knee injury but should be ready to play in his first-ever bowl
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game. several of the 16 outstanding spartans will return for next season. i'm really excited for this military bowl. do you plan on going? >> hopefully. at least now students have time to save up. but the players we just talked about, how exciting it is to go back to dc for a longer period of time, right? >> they're so excited about actually being able to bring the entire team instead of just the few players they brought last time. >> who have been the most exciting players to watch? ast twelve weeks we've had the opportunity to bring you the ne over the past 12 weeks, we have had the opportunity to bring you the news. during that time we have had moments that we're proud of, and moments we're not so proud of. here's a look at what goes on behind the scenes of update news.
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>> hello and welcome to update news. >> thanks for joining us. >> a little jazz to give your weekend a little bit of flavor! three two, one. [ laughter ]
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it's really, really inspiring us being students here. we really look up to her, you know? >> extremely inspiring. >> how's the football team feel? >> the team is feeling confident and energize. >> i loved it. >> spartan football has been on a roll. >> first the nfl the nba, and now hockey! >> students will be getting tuition refunds. >> i hear there's an unlikely student who received a diploma this year. >> there is, bentley. >> honor roll!
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>> we begin with developing news on campus. >> opponents of prop 30 are speaking out. >> students who thought parking at san jose state was already a big headache. >> big changes are ahead for students. >> professors from two universities in afghanistan. >> on monday, san jose state. >> where are they now? this is our last show for the thanks for joining us this >> this is our last show of the year! thanks for joining us this semester. >> we'll be back in february with some new faces and more news from san jose state university. have fun and a safe holiday season! bye!
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